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Anthony Inzillo

Director of Sports Medicine and Performance

Anthony Inzillo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, while also holding certifications as Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Certified Specialist who excels in the rehabilitation of high-level athletes. Anthony has most recently worked as a Physical Therapist in the Alliance of American Football, and with the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League, and the XFL.

Prior to working full-time in professional football, he was the primary Physical Therapist for world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews. With his mentorship, he provided world class care for countless high school, college, and professional athletes and was a leader in developing guidelines and protocols for rehabilitation, interval sports programs, and functional testing.

With Anthony’s background and versatility within all stages of rehab from immediate post-op through the return to play phase he is spearheading our B.A.S.E. Assessment, which will set the foundation for all of our athletes. His main interests are injury prevention, assessing and resolving movement dysfunction, rehabilitating injuries and their underlying causes, and optimizing athletic performance. He has helped hundreds of athletes successfully return to sports and is eager to continue doing so.

Anthony earned his Bachelor’s degree from University of Delaware in 2009 and graduated in 2012 from the University of Delaware as a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Richard Dalatri

National Director of Strength & Conditioning

Rich joins Area Scouts with a wealth of experience spanning multiple decades in professional and amateur sports.

He was the first full time strength and conditioning coach in the National Basketball Association when the New Jersey Nets hired him in 1987. He set the ground work for player development done in the N.B.A., both in season, and off season. His off season manual for his players has been used by countless basketball coaches in the USA and Europe as a guideline for their own programs over the years. He coached in the NBA for 24 seasons, 22 with the New Jersey Nets, and 35 seasons in professional basketball overall, including as an Assistant Coach/Director of Player Development for the Cleveland Cavaliers for two seasons. Rich was the first player development coach in the NBA to also be named an Assistant Coach.

In 1985 Rich was one of 12 coaches from North and South America to be invited to study at the Soviet Institute of Sport, in Moscow, USSR. It was the first program of its kind, and since has expanded to studies in other European countries. The courses were taught by the leading experts of the Soviet sports machine that ruled almost all sports during that period of time.

In 1986 Rich became one of the first coaches in the world to become a Certified Expert, when the National Strength and Conditioning Association gave a Certification exam for the first time.

In 1992 Rich ventured to Europe, becoming one of the only Americans to be hired as Director of Player Development, working first with Phonola Caserta and Fortitudo Bologna . Both teams were in the Italian A-1 league, and made it to the league Finals. In Italy he introduced a new system of training for basketball. His workouts were all sports specific to basketball, much different, than the methods used prior to his arrival, which were Soccer programs used by the basketball teams. The system took off and is the norm in Europe today.

This method caught the eyes of the Italian National Team who appointed him Director of Player Development in 2001. The National Team had some its greatest moments during his tenure, winning a Bronze Medal at the 2003 European Championships, in Stockholm, Sweden, and a Silver Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The Italian Basketball Federation asked Rich to develop a Certification Program for basketball coaches to ensure proper instruction with player development.

Rich has worked extensively in Europe, & China during the off seasons conducting clinics and camps, and working with teams to help with their programs for player development. Armani Olimpia Milano, Montepaschi Siena, Benetton Treviso, Real Madrid, and Khimki Moscow, BC Kiev, BC Dnipro are some of Europe’s top teams which he consulted with for athletic development programs.

In 2011 he was appointed assistant coach for the Ukrainian National Basketball Team, where they qualified for the World Championships in 2014.

Rich’s resume also includes stops at the University of Mississippi, the New York Giants (NFL), personal trainer for recording artist, and actor Jon Bon Jovi, Rutgers University and the NBA Elite Academy in Hangzhou, China.

Most recently, Rich was Director of Player Development for BC Dnipro of the Ukrainian Super League.


Brandon Guyer

Director Of Mental Performance and Nutrition

With 13 years of professional baseball under his belt, including 7 as a big league player, Brandon is excited to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with the Area Scouts community.
Guyer is recognized as a Hall of Fame baseball player at both Herndon High School and the University of Virginia.
In 2011 Brandon made his MLB debut and hit a 2-run homerun in his first at-bat, becoming the first Ray and 108th player in MLB history to do so.
After 4 years in Tampa, the Rays dealt Guyer to the Cleveland Indians at the trade deadline in 2016. In his three seasons in Cleveland, the Indians were AL Central Champs three times and AL Champions in 2016.
Guyer retired in 2020, following seven seasons of big league ball. He made a name for himself as a lefty masher, slashing a career .274/.376/.449. He also retired as MLB’s “hit by pitch king.”
A couple months later, Brandon started his online training platform Fully Equipped Athlete and has since become a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, NESTA Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Brian Cain Certified Mental Performance Mastery Coach. The mission behind FEA is to help athletes bridge the gap between performance and potential with good nutrition and an elite mindset.



The incorporation of James Catalogna into the Area Scouts program is a significant development, signaling a notable expansion in the expertise and reach of the organization. Catalogna’s renowned status in neuro-cognitive coaching brings a specialized skill set that complements the existing framework of the program.

Moreover, the inclusion of over 20 additional directors from major sports leagues like MLB, NFL, NBA, and MMA is a testament to the high caliber of professionals associated with the Area Scouts Platform. These individuals, being clients of Catalogna and now looking forward to playing critical roles within Area Scouts, indicate a robust network of expertise converging under this platform.

Their diverse backgrounds in different sports disciplines will likely bring a wealth of experience and insights, enriching the program’s offerings. This diversity is crucial in providing a well-rounded and comprehensive training and development experience for those involved with Area Scouts. Such a collaboration not only elevates the program’s profile but also enhances its capacity to offer specialized and high-level training. With professionals from various top-tier sports actively participating, the platform can cater to a wide array of needs and aspirations, ranging from amateur athletes aiming for professional careers to individuals seeking to improve their personal fitness and cognitive skills.

Overall, the addition of James Catalogna and these esteemed directors marks a significant stride in the growth and evolution of the Area Scouts program, positioning it as a prominent hub for athletic and cognitive skill development.


Larry Cassella

Director of Safety/Risk Management

Already an Area Scouts Certified Evaluator, Larry adds to his role as the new Director of Safety/Risk Management for B.A.S.E. MISSION.

Larry received a national certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM H/F Instructor) in 1999, as well as a Master’s in Kinesiology from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in 2008. As a Program Manager for the city of Cary (NC), he was instrumental in designing, implementing, and evaluating worksite health promotion programs in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, stress, sleep, and tobacco use. He also implemented a movement-based tool (FMS) to help manage musculoskeletal injuries in industrial athletes.

Larry is now excited to use his 18 years of experience to maximize functional movement, functional performance, and functional skill in young athletes.

Dr. David Coberly D.C

Director of Marketing

Meet Dr. David Coberly D.C., a devoted chiropractor with a passion for enhancing lives. With over 8 years in practice, he has been a beacon of relief for individuals, helping them embrace a life free of pain and nervous system interference. His personal life is a beautiful portrait of love and unity, married to his unwavering “ride-or-die” best friend, Jessica. Together, they are blessed with two vibrant children, Aubrey, 8, and Hunter, 6, who fill their days with joy and purpose.

Beyond his chiropractic endeavors, Dr. David is the esteemed Director of Marketing at Area Scouts™, a dedicated athlete health initiative. This role resonates with his personal affinity for sports, a realm he navigated extensively through football and wrestling. At Area Scouts™, the mission is clear: ensure the holistic development and health of athletes, allowing them to thrive in their sports and personal growth.

In addition to his roles in healthcare and athlete development, Dr. David is a respected business coach and mentor. He stands as a pillar of support for small businesses, guiding them in marketing and community outreach. His insights and strategies empower business owners to seize control of their growth and success, navigating the path of entrepreneurship with confidence and clarity.

Amidst his professional roles, family remains his compass and greatest treasure. Every spare moment is a celebration with his loved ones, whether embarking on outdoor adventures, hunting, fishing, or simply reveling in their company. His life is a harmonious blend of professional fulfillment, personal passion, and unwavering family love.

Join Dr. David in his multifaceted journey, where he continues to make a profound impact in healthcare, athlete development, and business growth, all while cherishing the irreplaceable moments with family and the adventures that life unfurls.

Juanita Perez

Director of Client/Representative/Customer Relations & Support

Hector Sandoval

Director of Media

Mia Grace

Assistant Director of Client/Representative/Customer Relations & Support

Alexa Stevens

Legal Assistant

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