AREA SCOUTS is Teaming Up With Law Enforcement, Fire and EMTs.

Area Scouts, known as a renowned athlete development platform, has announced a new initiative aimed at supporting first responders—Police, Fire, and EMT personnel—by utilizing their B.A.S.E. (Biomechanics Analysis) Assessments. This collaboration now seeks to enhance the health and performance of first responders, ultimately helping to reduce injuries in the field.

The B.A.S.E. Assessment, originally designed to optimize the physical health and athletic performance of young athletes, will now be adapted for the unique needs of first responders. Developed through a collaboration of physicians, physical therapists, and industry professionals, these assessments provide a comprehensive review of an individual’s physical foundation. They focus on identifying and correcting biomechanics inefficiencies that could lead to injuries.

By working with first responders, Area Scouts aims to offer these professionals the same high-quality training and feedback that athletes receive, tailored to the demands of their physically intensive roles. The initiative emphasizes overall health, preventive care, and functional movement, helping first responders maintain their physical well-being and effectiveness on the job.

The Area Scouts Mission has always been to provide health-first training and development programs that are accessible and effective. This expansion into supporting first responders underscores their commitment to using their expertise to benefit a wider community, ensuring that those who protect and serve can perform their duties safely and efficiently.

For more information on the B.A.S.E. Assessments and becoming part of the Area Scouts new initiative, we welcome you to join us on one of our weekly live webinars, to meet the team, learn more and participate in the LIVE Q&A!
*We limit these webinars to 200 attendees per event.

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By MilaFeBiason / Administrator, bbp_participant on Jul 03, 2024